Yam Jams and Wednesday Club

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Weekly music making session for adults with a variety of Special Needs and Disabilities

YAM JAMS began back in the Autumn of 2007 as a partnership between The Music Pool and ECHO Herefordshire.  The weekly sessions grew slowly but surely as it gained popularity.

Yam Jams offers a great place for people to participate in movement and music making in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  As well as offering participants a unique musical experience, Yam Jams also improves communication skills, helps develop friendships and increases self-confidence.

The Hereford group became so popular, that in 2011, it became necessary to start a second group in Leominster.
In 2014, a previously existing long-term group on Wednesday afternoons (run in partnership with SCOPE/First Key), joined the Yam Jams projects family.  'The Wednesday Club' is now also run in partnership with ECHO Herefordshire.

"Yam Jams works because people can join in at whatever level they want ... that unique ability to make everyone feel special" - Maggie Percy, Operations Manager of ECHO

The projects are currently being delivered remotely online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to this, there were 3 regular weekly sessions:


  • Yam Jams in Hereford – Tuesday mornings

  • Yam Jams Xtra in Leominster – Friday mornings

  • Wednesday Club in Hereford - Wednesday afternoons

For more details, please contact Encore: info@encore-enterprises.com

The groups continue to regularly attract a 'full house' of young people and adults who join in the musical mayhem.

here to view a short film about Yam Jams.

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