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The Enigma Variations – Elgar’s ‘Friends Pictured Within’ with Dennis Schiavon

Join us in the wonderful Tapestry Room at Broxwood Court (near Weobley) for this special fundraising event.

Using music, film and photographs, local musician Dennis Schiavon invites us to explore the world of Edward Elgar and the people close to him, how he came to create his first great success and the mysterious 'Enigma' hidden inside. We'll meet the different characters portrayed in this work - the country squires, the elegant ladies, the quirky eccentrics, the dear friends and loved ones, and hear how he uses music to paint their pictures. We'll also get a sneak peek at 'polite society' in our part of the world, in Victorian and Edwardian times.

More information as well as the booking form can be found by clicking here.

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