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Older & Retired People's Activities

Older and Retired People's Activities pi

The Music Pool can support/commission a range of activities for older and retired people, in a variety of settings - clubs, residential homes, day centres, village halls, church groups etc.

Widely acknowledged to enhance people's well-being and independence, while combating social exclusion, the activities on offer from our delivery partner Encore's team of highly skilled and experienced artists include...

  • Singing

  • Drama and improvisation, including reminiscence work

  • Circus skills

  • Creative writing, including reminiscence work

  • Storytelling, including reminiscence work

  • Latin-American Samba band drumming

  • African drumming

  • Gentle movement & expressive dance

  • Harmonica playing

  • Caribbean steel band.


For more details please contact Encore: or call: 01432 853219

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