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Children and Young People Activities

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We commission Encore Enterprises CIC to deliver projects and activities which support children and young people to get involved in music in their spare time.

There can be diverse music activity in all sorts of places around the county.  For example, in recent years, there have been workshops in youth centres, housing schemes and after school clubs; we have supported young people to put on gigs, record their own music and get involved in the Livewire development weeks during school holidays, culminating in public performances, including at Nozstock festival.

Skilled & experienced artists can offer...

- Hip-hop, rap & DJ workshops

- Music production

- Songwriting sessions

- Sound engineering

- Band training & advice

- Percussion and world music

- Vocal group & choir sessions

- Performance techniques

To find out about other opportunities for young people, click here to see information about the 'Livewire' project.

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