The Music Pool is the community music charity for Herefordshire and its surrounding areas.

Community music enhances the quality of life & wellbeing of people of all ages, abilities, disabilities & financial means - and their communities - by participatory activities in music (and related arts) – people joining together!


We’ve worked with all kinds of local people – babies, toddlers, children & young people, adults, older & retired people, people of all abilities, and with a range of physical and learning disabilities.


The work happens all around Herefordshire and beyond – nurseries, children’s centres & playgroups, community & village halls, schools, colleges, youth centres & clubs, libraries, health care settings & residential homes, neighbourhood centres, disability centres & day centres, places of worship, workplaces…wherever there are people.


There’s a special focus on people in most need – for example because of disability, financial hardship or rural isolation.


Our motto is ‘Music for Life – Music for All’!


We are currently in transition, becoming a subsidiary of not-for-profit Encore Enterprises CIC during 2020. More information about Encore can be found on their website by clicking here.

The Music Pool remains a charity and raises funds to support music work in the community by making commissions and grants. The work we commission will be carried out by Encore, our delivery partner.

We are always grateful for donations and other support. More information about donating can be found here.

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The Music Pool is a registered charity no. 700196

(Hereford Arts in Action Ltd trading as The Music Pool - company no. 02243832)