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The Gathering Wave 2018 - REMEMBER

The Gathering Wave 2018 - REMEMBER

The Gathering Wave Choirs mark the centenary of the end of First World War with a special concert: REMEMBER

The Gathering Wave
choirs from all around Herefordshire have come together to honour those who suffered during the First World War, on this the centenary year of the Armistice.

The concert will take place on:
Friday 9th November 2018, 7:30pm at thePoint4, Venns Lane, Hereford
Tickets are priced at £10 (£7 under 16s)  - available from The Courtyard box office (01432 340555)

A programme of songs and readings of poetry and prose will take us through a wide range of responses to the conflict. We will honour the suffering and sacrifice of the soldiers on the front, the women who played their part, as Red Cross nurses and munitions workers, and the local Herefordshire people who became involved.

The songs, some well-known, some less so, reflect a variety of responses; here the courage of the soldiers is honoured, the desire for peace is expressed, the hard-hitting realities of life in the trenches displayed, and the wry humour of the serving soldiers recognised.

Local musician Jon Watson has created two new items for the programme: “The Girls with Yellow Hands” - a song associated with the women who worked in Hereford's munitions factory – and a more substantial work “Passchendaele Sunshine” that reflects on what so many people gave up or had taken away by events over which they had no control. The event will honour those people to whom we all owe so much. Reflective and thoughtful in tone, rather than directly celebratory, we will walk beside some of the ordinary people who found themselves torn from loved ones and sucked into the unimaginable misery of life in the trenches.  The concert brings together the talents of local people.

Community choirs: The Fire Choir, The Garrick Singers, The Kindle Singers, The Singing Tree, and The Gracenotes Choir
Musical direction: Jon Watson, Hilary Smallwood, Dennis Schiavon
Baritone soloist: Joe Wong
Readers: Elizabeth Semper-O’Keefe,Tim Bannerman, Elissa Swinglehurst, Kath Hey,Hilary Smallwood, Dennis Schiavon
Local history research: Elizabeth Semper-O’Keefe
Project co-ordination: The Music Pool

We are grateful for the support of Hereford City Council

Please note: tickets are available from the Courtyard’s box office and online, but the actual concert will be at thePoint4 in Venns Lane, Hereford.



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