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Sing Summer In! - Singing Strategy 2013

Sing Summer In! - Singing Strategy 2013

Delivery of National Singing Strategy project to Herefordshire schools, engaging over 2,000 pupils!

Sing Summer In! was the name of the Herefordshire part of the National Singing Strategy, an initiative created by central government, administered by Arts Council England to promote singing in schools.  The core role of the National Singing Strategy is to: Develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choir and other vocal ensembles are available in the area. 
The Music Pool were commissioned to deliver the county-wide project, which was made available to all schools in Herefordshire, by Herefordshire Music Service.

The project ran during the Summer Term 2013, with regular singing sessions, led by a team of eight local artists, in all the 31 schools that signed up to the project.  During these sessions, the eight singing leaders worked as animateurs to support pupils and staff to learn a shared reptertoire of songs, leading to nine cluster performances at the end of term.

Each school was provided with a resource pack, including a CD of the shared repertoire, giving them the confidence to practice between singing leader visits.  Participating schools were also asked to produce one song of their own, from an end of term show, classroom work or any other song to perform at the cluster event.

Of the 31 schools participating in the project from around the county, there were 22 Primary Schools,
7 Secondary Schools, 1 SEN School and 1 PRU School.  The project engaged a total of 2,152 pupils.

Samples of feedback from the Schools invovled:

"It was lovely to promote singing in school and also to join other schools for the performance day.  Parents enjoyed the opportunity to watch their children perform.  Thank you very much."

"A fantastic idea that inspired our relatively new choir and really cemented their feeling of belonging to an ensemble.  Really developed their confidence and improved their part singing.  They really enjoyed the chosen music and loved the workshops... we would love an annual event... let's have some more please!"

"It was a wonderful day that gave my students a fantastic opportunity to sing together, engage with singing and perform with others.  I loved it."

Herefordshire Music Service have commissioned The Music Pool to deliver the next Singing Strategy project: Sing Spring In! during the Spring and Summer terms in 2014.


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