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Herefordshire People's Band

What is it?

It's a band that anyone can join at any time - but you don't have to come to all the rehearsals.

Who plays in it?

Since it started in 1993, more than 350 people have played in the band, with an average of 20-30 at any one time. They've been from 9 to 90 years old and have played a huge number of different instruments: guitars, fiddles, trumpets, bass, clarinets, saxes, oboe, mandolins, harps, marimbas, accordions, flutes, drums and percussion of all kinds...

What kind of music does Bandemonium play?

Strong tunes and rhythms from all over the world - raunchy cajun dances from Louisiana, lilting airs from Ireland, mysterious music from Eastern Europe, wild waltzes from Mexico, African songs and tunes, and down-home ceilidh from Britain � plus some we write ourselves. The music is provided on paper or on tape as required.

Where does it play?

Bandemonium meets on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings in Hereford and plays at fairs, festivals, carnivals, dances and  concerts  all over the local area.

Are there any recordings available?

Bandemonium has made 3 full-length albums in its time, the most recent of which, The Hollybush Session, is available via the contacts given below.

Click to listen to 'Jam Turnover' demo - original catchy song written by Rob Strawson, which debuted at Bandemonium's performance at Hay Festival 2013.

For enquiries, please contact : Rob Strawson, 01432 271427 or email


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