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Busy week ahead for Robbie & The Ripples!

2nd June 2014

The Music Pool's house-band have lined up 3 performances this week to help raise funds towards the SPLASH! Appeal

Not content in just enabling musical activity throughout the county and beyond, The Music Pool staff like to do a bit of their own music making in the guise of the in-house band: Robbie and The Ripples!
They have performed at various events (including the company's 25th Birthday event last year) and this week they've lined up not one, not two but THREE performances.
First performance is on Wednesday for a private function celebrating the relaunch of the Learning Disability partnership Board.

It is then followed by two public performances on Friday 6th June.

The Music Pool is one of the three nominated local charities for Asda's Community Life scheme during this month and Robbie and The Ripples will be making an appearance at the local Hereford branch on Friday from 1:30pm where they will be entertaining shoppers and making a collection.

Later on that same day, they will be making entertaining folks at The Courtyard's Court Laughing comedy festival at approx. 8:00pm, as part of the free entertainment they provide in their Bar and Outdoor area.

So if you fancy catching Robbie and The Ripples with their collection of classic 50s-60s tunes, tight harmonies with a sprinkiling of humour, come and catch them on Friday 6th June, either at Asda in the afternoon or at the evening event at The Courtyard!

All money collected at Asda and fees for performing are being donated to The Music Pool's SPLASH! Appeal.  'We're really grateful to all the orgnaisations for getting us in to perform for them and proud to be doing our bit to contribute to the SPLASH! Appeal' said Mina, General Assistant at The Music Pool.

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