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The Music Pool is the community music charity for Herefordshire and its borders.  For over 20 years, we have...

Provided creative ways for those with least opportunity to connect with others, mostly through music and music-making of all klinds, but also with dancers, dramatists, writers, poets, puppets, painters, potters and carnival artists - always making new opportunities for everyone to join in.

Played all kinds of music and song with all kinds of people, right across the board, because it's such a powerful way of enriching people's lives, of boosting the life of our communities, and of creating a sense of belonging.

Worked with professional musicians and teachers to provide an essential lifeline to a broad range of vulnerable people who are marginalised or isolated from mainstream society.

Provided an extraordinarily wide range of activities - whether for just a day or over several years, whether you're 2 or 102, and across such a broad spectrum that you may well have come across what we do without even realising it!

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